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Explore our products: Make your city spaces efficient, safe, and enjoyable.

Unveil a new era with advanced smart city technologies.

Smart Public Spaces

The concept of smart public spaces is about maximizing public utility and benefits. Incorporating elements like Wi-Fi and charging stations revolutionizes how we interact with these areas, making city living more aligned with the needs of the 21st century.

Monitoring Systems

Boost safety and safeguard your investment using built-in monitoring systems. Track the who, what, and where to minimize risks and enhance intelligence, ensuring your equipment remains secure and operates optimally.

Enhanced Security

Enhance the security of public spaces with our advanced solutions: keyless entry, intelligent lighting, and tailored communications, alerts and much more. These features provide a safer environment, making public areas more secure and user-friendly for everyone.

Connectivity And Sensors

Improve management of busy areas with connectivity and sensors, like smart waste systems that detect full bins. This reduces extra waste collection, making site maintenance more efficient and responsive to real-time needs.

Smart Solar Furniture

Energize spaces with our solar-powered furniture.

Smart Solar Bus Shelters

Solar-powered comfort for commuters.

Smart Solar E-bike Chargers

Eco-friendly charging for your e-bikes.

Smart Solar Lighting

Illuminate spaces with sustainable solar lights.

Smart Solar Public Bins

Solar bins for cleaner, greener cities.

Smart Solar Living Units

Solar-enhanced living for modern homes.

Smart Solar Car Ports

Functional carports for stylish homes.

Smart Solar Advertising

Solar-powered signage for the modern city.

Elevate your urban experience with INTISOLAR's solar innovations

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